Monday, 19 March 2018

Theories Underpinning Our Course (Draft)

Theories Underpinning Our Course

  • We are using a number of different technology tools as we realise that each of the tools itself has its own limitations. 
  • Moodle - limited users
  • Offices 365 can be accessed by unlimited number of people (seemingly) - cannot accommodate the time limitation for a task.
  • Discussions needed to help students interact each other. 
  • Discussion forum helps students to help one another e.g., a chance to understand a topic from different perspectives.
  • Tasks 
  • Voyent tools for collocations 
  • Using a variation of tools to cover different learning styles eg. video with PPT, PDF/Doc/Blog post
  • Students` motivation - A picture / video of teachers studying abroad; or other students


  • Laurillard (2013)
  • Levy & Stockwell (2013)
  • Gruba & Hinkelman (2012)
  • Marta Gonz├ílez-Lloret (2015)
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) - Journal 
  • System An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics -


  • Moodle (LMS)
  • Office 365 - now Form/Quiz
  • Voyent tools - now for Collocations
  • Youtube for the video materials 
  • Social media - Facebook, Instagram, WA, Line 

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