1. Untuk soal nomor 1-15, kakak harus mencari jawaban yang benar yang dapat menyempurnakan kalimat soal.
2. Sedangkan untuk soal no 16-40, kakak harus mencari jawaban yang salah/ error dalam kalimat (error analysis).

Welcome to your TOEFL pre-test structure (soal tipe 2)

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1. 1. The wood of the black cherry tree, ------- to North America, has a reddish brown color and a warm luster when finished.
2. 2. In 1983 astronaut Sally Ride became ------- from the United States to travel into space.
3. When -------, the electrons in their outer rings are exchanged or shared.
4. Just as remote-controlled satellites can be employed to explore outer space, ------- employed to investigate the deep sea.
5. About two and a half million years ago, early humans started ------- use basic tools, such as hand axes.
6. ------- human tongue has about 10,000 nerve endings, known as taste buds, embedded in its surface.
7. Hares generally have longer ears and hind legs than rabbits and move by jumping ------- running.
8. Article 2 of the United states Constitution, modified by the Twelfth Amendment, specifies -------.
9. An affidavit is a written statement used mostly in lawsuits to lay necessary facts before courts ------- no formal oral evidence is required.
10. In Earth's infancy, its surface was warm enough for life ------- the young Sun was fainter than it is today.
11. The novelist John Dos Passos developed a style of fiction incorporating several documentary devices ------- to his works.
12. Before the Europeans arrived, Americans Indians were using virgin copper ------- into ornaments, knives, and other artifacts.
13. The introduction of center-pivot irrigation devices in the 1970s ------- the cultivation of lands in Nebraska that previously could not be irrigated.
14. In neither of the two types of Cubist painting ------- to reproduce in detail the appearance of natural objects.
15. ------- 2,500 federal libraries and information centers are located in United Sates government offices and in independent agencies.
16. Throughout her life, Edith Wharton produced more than fifty volumes of fiction, poetry, and another writings.
17. Georgia O'Keeffe is known for hers use of organic, abstract forms painted in clear, strong colors.
18. Researchers have found subtle neurological differences between the brains of men and woman either in physical structure and in the way they function.
19. Between 1905 and 1907, floodwaters from the Colorado River poured into a salt-covered depression and creating the Salton Sea.
20. Styles of social dancing vary with the changes in fashion, manners, and musically of a given period.
21. Although complete paralysis is rare with neuritis, some degree of muscle weakness common.
22. One kind of discourse structure is based on the fact that people takes turns speaking in most kinds of interaction.
23. Unlike fantasy stories, which deal with events impossible, science fiction describes events that could actually occur according to accepted or likely scientific theories.
24. A uniform mingling of molecules, which it occurs in homogeneous chemical compounds, results from the chemical constituents melting, dissolving, or diffusing into one another.
25. First reported by Spanish explorers in 1769, the asphalt in California's  La Brea Tar Pit was mined  commercial for many years.
26. The Progressive Movement is an umbrella term refer to a number of reform efforts that emerged in the early 1990s.
27. The food and water that people consume them come from the environment, provided either by nature or through the work of farmers and other producers.
28. Atoms form the building block for everything in universe.
29. Because of the need to maintain the correct balance of salts and minerals in the water, keeping saltwater fish in aquariums requires more work that keeping freshwater fish.
30. The conceptual of musical harmony is generally traced to the ninth century because it is the first mentioned in treatises of that period.
31. One of the major branches of the discipline of philosophy is ethics, the study of the types, sources, and justifies of moral values and principles.
32. During Arkansas was admitted to the United states as the twenty-fifth state in June 1836, it had barely the required minimum of 50,000 residents.
33. The most important parameters affecting a rocket's maximum flight velocity is the relationship between the vehicle's mass and the amount of propellant it can carry.
34. Mitosis is the normal process by which a cell divides, each new cell ending up with a same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
35. In addition to their usefulness as seavengers, bird are enormous value to humans because of they eat insects and control the spread of weeds.
36. Licorice has long been used to treat throats and is often added to medicine to mask disagreeably tastes.
37. In artifacts from as early as the Stone Age, mathematics and art can be seen to have fused in the geometric patterns decorate pottery, weaving, and carpentry.
38. After his death, Jackson Pollock came to be recognized as a significant influenced on American art, having opened new boundaries of texture, line, and expression.
39. A typical orb-weaving spider, the garden cross spider products six different kinds of silk from its posterior ducts.
40. Much of California's coastline is rocky and rugged, such as in region just north of San Luis Obispo, but Southern California has numerous large sand beaches.

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