1. Untuk soal nomor 1-15, kakak harus mencari jawaban yang benar yang dapat menyempurnakan kalimat soal.
2. Sedangkan untuk soal no 16-40, kakak harus mencari jawaban yang salah/ error dalam kalimat (error analysis).

Welcome to your TOEFL pre-test structure (soal tipe 1)

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1. Glucose, also called dextrose, is by far ------of the six carbon sugars and is the primary product of plan photosynthesis.
2. ----- Betsy Ross did make flags during the American Revolution, the legend that she designed and made the first national flag for the United State is generally discredited.
3. Kittens are born with their eyes----- and cannot hear until they are approximately ten days to two weeks old.
4. By ----- excluding competition from an industry, governments have often created public service monopolies.
5. Historically, the definition of psychology has depended on what particular psychologists or schools of psychology have said -----.
6. The imagist movement in poetry arose during the second decade of the twentieth century ----- against romanticism.
7. Flowering plants inhabit relatively diverse environments and maybe found ----- complex plants can survive.
8. The Banjo Lesson, painted around 1893 by Henry Tanner, is typical of the sensitive, naturalistic genre scenes -----.
9. As a result of increased public awareness and improved transportation facilities, ----- a major upsurge in tourism in Alaska.
10. It is accepted that the Earth’s history spans a period more than 4 billion years, although ----- is still a matter of speculation.
11. In 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright’s flying machine demonstrated in its structure the same basic principles of flight ----- today’s high-flying jets.
12. Not until Jazz bands traveled to Chicago and New York City in the 1920’s ----- nationwide through major record company recordings.
13. The United States Forest Service designated the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota ----- in the nation.
14. No birds are able to enter prolonged hibernation; ----- sufficient insulation to survive long, cold winters migrate to warmer climates.
15. When they reach middle age, some people question ----- they held in adolescence.
16. The United Nations was established in 1945 to foster friendly relations among nations and to try solve internationals disputes without war.
17. In the Missouri Ozark Mountains more than 10,000 springs can be found, some among the most largest in the world.
18. In a clock, the source of power may be a weight, a mainspring, but an electric current.
19. The typical United States trade union is primarily a local organize devoted to the advancement and protection of the economic interests of its members.
20. Video artists combine many different ways of using video equipment both to create and to record various types of expression artistic.
21. That Sylvia Plath revealed in her first book of poetry, The Colossus, was her meticulously crafted, intensely personal style.
22. Much marine invertebrates travel considerable distances during certain seasons, often carried by ocean currents.
23. Electrical charges possess electrostatic potential energy, which it can be converted to work by allowing the charges to move toward or away from each other.
24. The United States House of Representatives consists with 435 members apportioned among all the sates according to population.
25. Birds can move both their up and lower jaws, an ability that mammals do not possess.
26. Because laser light is highly directional and monochromatic, extremity small amounts of light scattering or small frequency shifts caused by matter can easily be detected.
27. Powers of the federal government listed in the Constitution of the United States include the rights to collect taxes, declaring war, and regulate trade.
28. Dentin, a yellowish tissue as makes up the bulk of all teeth, is harder than bone but softer than enamel.
29. On a modern biography, the public, private, personal, and intellectual levels of the subject are presented to the reader simultaneously.
30. When used as food additives, antioxidants prevent fats and oils from become rancid when exposed to air, and thus extend their shelf life.
31. Carbon monoxide is an insidious poison because of its odorless natural.
32. One common herb of the mint family is thyme, the dried leaves and flowering tops of which is used to flavor many different foods.
33. Evidence medical suggest that polyunsaturated fats, used widely in margarines and cooking fats, are less likely to contribute to cardiovascular disease than saturated fats.
34. The novelist Caroline Gilmore edited a children’s magazines, known first as The Rosebud and later as The Rose, in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1832 to 1839.
35. The nomadic Sioux and another hunting groups on the Great Plains of North America made temporary shelters called tepees.
36. The mechanism of human thought and recall, a subject only partly understood by scientists, is extraordinary complicated.
37. Although sometimes mistaken for crows, starlings, at six inches in long, are much smaller than crows, which average seventeen inches.
38. The particles comprising a given cloud are continually changing, as new ones are added while others are taking away by moving air.
39. The United States meat-packing industry grew out of the livestock markets in railroad terminals of such cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, and Omaha.
40. Seamounts are isolated submarine mountains believe to be the remnants of extinct volcanoes that either formed or sank far beneath of the ocean surface.
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